RewirEd Provocations
In January 2020, driven by RewirEd’s vision of reshaping the global narrative on education, Radicle was tasked by Dubai Cares with the formidable mission to engage a diverse range of stakeholders within and beyond the education sector around the question: How do we address systemic challenges in global education and initiate meaningful action through novel collaboration between likely and unlikely allies? Over the course of two years, the insights from this global inquiry gave rise to three pivotal and ever-evolving pieces of work:
  1. A systems map of global education visualizing the complexity and interdependencies of challenges in the education domain and beyond
  2. Six provocations serving as triggers and north stars for new initiatives to be co-created by interested partners
  3. Eleven bold experiments prototyping new, cross-disciplinary approaches in and around education
Through this website, we invite you to relive this pioneering journey, exploring what it could mean for your ‘universe’, whether in education, environment, health, culture, or technology. Our hope is that collectively, our new thinking and actions will help us iterate our systems’ intelligence, unearth novel pathways, and most importantly, unlock new collaborations that will truly rewire global education for human thriving.