The Network of Regulatory Experimentation A peer-to-peer community of regulatory experimenters
The Network of Regulatory Experimentation: A peer-to-peer community of regulatory experimenters

Seeded by Radicle, the Network of Regulatory Experimentation has been set up to share practices and learning, while supporting and nurturing the next generation of regulatory and governance experiments for the Great Transition.

It is organised through a series of global meet-ups where experimenters come together with decision makers to share best practices and sensitise regulators, funders, policy-makers to the need for experimentation as a step towards governance innovation.

The inaugural meeting was held in Amsterdam in May 2018 with participants including NestaEuropean CommissionUNDP to name a few. The second multi-sectoral workshop was organised in Toronto in 2019 in partnership with MaRS, the McConnell Foundation and the Community of Federal Regulators. Future events are in development.