What is Radicle

Radicle is a strategic innovation studio, underpinned by home-grown globally validated models of radical collaboration amongst unlikely allies, leveraging cross sector innovation to the max. “Born” in London and incubated in Dubai since 2014, we’re driven by deep research and fierce intellectual debate - our mission being to challenge the ‘normal’ to ideate, design, prototype and launch ambitious platforms for end-to-end collaborative invention across industries and nations - leveraging our glocal credentials to unlock and unleash system advantages for radically better futures.   By leveraging system innovation, our consulting frameworks & prototyping programs inform and disrupt the future of industries and cities by solving complex societal & corporate challenges that can’t be solved through single-actor, single-issue lenses, having successfully done so for major public and private sector organisations across the Gulf, UK, Europe and Asia. For further information, please contact Aman on a@radicle.studio