What is the Radicle Academy


An avalanche of global challenges

Multiple global crises including the COVID outbreak and climate change have made people realise that humanity is at risk. Everything from food, nutrition, health, education, and the environment is being negatively impacted. Customer behaviour and shareholders’ attitudes toward products and businesses have also changed, becoming more conscious and prioritising sustainable options. Both public and private sector organisations are now expected to demonstrate heightened corporate responsibility and implement SDG or CSR/ESG strategies to build a more sustainable and resilient future while staying attractive for talents and investments. Truly impactful projects and business solutions are needed as never before to shift the current reality from legacy individual mindsets and dysfunctional organizational frameworks to ones that can deliver & thrive in this era of existential risk. 

How can we help

He current world of rapid changes and uncertainty requires Radicle Thinking, Radicle Solutions, Radicle Pathways, and Radicle Leadership. Our masterclasses are thus designed for future-proofing organisations and businesses, focusing on developing capabilities, inner capacities & projects that drive innovation and agile thinking in organisations across multiple sectors for dealing with a world in transition, while improving SDGs, CSR, and ESG strategies. 

We will collaborate with you to kickstart this transformation internally and externally. Working together, you will learn how to provoke the current reality, create and implement new solutions, play with experiments driven by innovations, future-proof your own vision and mission, and consider challenges and solutions in their interdependencies with others. You will develop the inner capacity to be able to make external changes while having a state of mind that would generate new solutions. You will understand how to stay a high performer in a high-pressure high-stakes environment. You will become a more dynamic leader who understands how to nurture innovations, inspire others and create meaningful alliances, recognizing and accelerating the capability for doing so. 

What do we offer

With a focus on the ‘now’ and avoiding complicated long-term engagements that often surround innovation & transformation programs, our offerings are based on agile frameworks, favouring quick-to-launch programs, delivered over 4 weeks on average, through an essential and practical skill-building journey, requiring a minimum of 8 hours of your time commitment in total including preparation, the masterclass and post-reflection.

Who can we help

At the end of a particular masterclass course, you & your team will feel and be better equipped with the skills and tools to face the current realities, have a solution-oriented mindset, and develop stronger connections & networks for meeting your SDG & ESG goals. You will be able to provoke existing realities with transformative solutions and catalyze radical ideas. Your organisation will be better positioned for dealing with uncertainties and more capable of spotting opportunities in spite of the current challenges.