Suite of Masterclasses

Our Suite of Masterclasses

All masterclasses are suitable for senior leaders and managers from all sectors as well as startup founders. They can be contextualised and delivered either as individual ‘units’ or combined depending on the needs of your company. We welcome an initial 60-minute dialogue to help us establish what configuration would be most aligned to your needs.

What is happening in the 4 weeks?

Week 1: Scope alignment & discovery call (1 hour) 

Week 2: Pre-work (worksheets etc.) (1-2 hours depending on the course)

Week 3: Masterclass session delivery & “homework” for the following week (up to 4,5 hours depending on the masterclass)

Week 4: Self-work & Reflection (1-2 hours depending on the masterclass)

*Extra if requested: Check-in call & final feedback on the self-work

Masterclass #1: Building breakthrough pathways

Learn how to ideate, develop & execute roadmaps for driving breakthroughs in your sustainability mission

Objectives :

Masterclass #2: Leveraging Provocateurship for Bold Outcomes

Understand and practice the mindset, attitudes, skills, and tools necessary to be a “provocateur”

Objectives :

Masterclass #3: Leveraging the art of system innovation

A fast-track primer for business leaders to learn how to think & act in an environment of complex systems, analysing interdependencies and sensemaking the complex issues to deliver bold ideas & transformative solutions

Objectives :

Masterclass #4: Unlocking high performance leadership

Understand and critically examine the concept of high performance

Objectives :

Masterclass #5: Developing inner capacities to thrive in a world of rapid change and uncertainty

Develop the inner capacity to deal with challenges & complexities in an increasingly uncertain environment

Objectives :