A Clearer Path To Bold Leadership in Pandemic Times


The same strategies that worked pre-COVID are not working anymore. We’ve hit a critical inflection point that forces all of us to rapidly adapt to a new way of doing business or living our life. To survive and flourish when this crisis is over, requires a focus on what is within your control.

In fact, the task ahead of us, whether on the personal or professional front, is impossibly large, and therefore impossible to solve merely with additional, even heroic efforts. It’s like Thor’s Hammer aka it is infinitely heavy. It can only be lifted by Thor himself. No amount of effort by the wrong person can budge it….

So the only solution is to find your hammer – find what’s yours to do and go and do that.

Everything else is wasted effort.

As a part of Radicle’s mission to enable radically better futures across diverse sectors and geographies, we’re offering leaders access to a leadership blueprint and our resilience expertise to help you adapt your organization or business to the new normal while helping you find your new ‘hammer’. 

Apply for a 45 minutes Discovery Dialogue with Aman Merchant, Radicle’s Chief Provocateur, to have clarity on where you’d like to take your organization/business and what might be standing in your way in these tough times.

Leaders perform at their best when their confidence is at its highest. By getting leaders to think about their thinking, this dialogue is focused on improving your clarity, raising your courage and building your capability, so your confidence gets boosted for a much-needed upgrade in today’s challenging times.


During your call, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into:

  • The mindset and practices of a resilient leader
  • Pivots to consider given the strengths you’ve developed to get through to this period
  • Your ‘genius’ language to understand the narrative being built by you via your self- and others-talk
  • The next steps to take – your plan and path – to not just survive in the pandemic era, but thrive in the post-pandemic one


We are committed to being a source of inspiration and guidance, and to help you navigate your way out of pandemic times with a clear and confident game-plan for your personal leadership & organizational success



Application Process for the Discovery Dialogue

Step 1

Detailed Application: Complete a form with information about yourself, your company, and your goals.

Step 2 

Team Review: Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed and ratified by the Radicle team to ensure that all criteria have been met. Once approved, a member of the Radicle team will reach out to schedule the session.